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ControVento: Scholarships to minors with language or cognitive deficits



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ControVento is a social business located in Milan, dedicated to the protection and support of children in situations of poverty. Working with both Italian and foreign children, ControVento contributes to the prevention and treatment of disadvantaged minors through three areas of intervention:

Sector MENOR: This area of intervention supports minors by providing access to five educational communities, one day center, one elementary school, and one Forensic and Medical Service Clinic (FMS).

Sector INTERCULTURA: The intercultural area includes literacy support for foreign children, alongside mediation projects and intercultural education

Sector FAMILIAR: The final area provides families with psychological and educational support in raising their children.

  The projects are made possible with the support of: Milan and Lombardía local councils’ social services (Servizi Sociali di Zona del Comune di Milano e de Comuni/Consorzi Sociali lombardi), various specialist services, juvenile courts, regular judiciaries, the schools, parishes, extracurricular organizations of the local area.  

Project objectives

The project will provide financing for scholarships to minors taken in by ControVento, who have language deficiencies or at cognitive level, and need additional support to achieve a higher level of comprehension of school content and integration.

Project development

The support sessions will be given by qualified speech therapist and pedagogue, once every week, after school time. Classes will start at the beginning of November 2022 and will end on May 2023.


The sessions will ensure the possibility of improving the communication abilities and skills of the minors, improving their school performance and their integration.

Cognitive and language skills. ControVento Project.
Controvento Project.
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