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About us

About Us

The Fundación Amara NextGen, a non-profit organization, is the expression of Amara NZero's sense of social responsibility, combined with its strong commitment to Energy Transition and the New Generations.

Based on our conviction that a Net Zero planet is the best legacy we can leave them, our mission is to contribute to creating that more sustainable future.

Therefore, our activity focuses on two lines of action:

  • Promoting projects that drive energy transition, sustainability, and access to clean energy sources, and that are of a social nature.
  • Promoting projects that contribute to fostering the well-being, development, and future of new generations, especially children in vulnerable situations.

Our activity encompasses all the Amara NZero Group's social action at an international level and is therefore carried out in all the countries where we are present: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA.

Our actions are based on entrepreneurial, cooperative, and transparent criteria.